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Queasy Mascot

For some of us it's the sight of blood. For others, the sound of nails on a blackboard. There are some of us that feel it when we're travelling. And there are even those among us who get it from... fry ups? Yes folks, I am of cousre talking about the all too familiar world of queasiness! But whatever your stomach turning button is, spare a thought for this guy. He gets it from just about everything! It's the queasy Mascot...

Queasy Mascot

About: Quick! Somebody grab a bucket! This doesn't look good at all! Hold on to your lunch folks, it's the Queasy Mascot!

Likes: Plain food, sitting down, doing as little as possible.

Dislikes: Boats, cars, planes.

Quote: 'I don't feel too good!'

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KawaiiPunk is currently off air!

Huh? What's this? KawaiiPunk is currently off air! Ahhh... I guess that means there is no new mascot this month!

Yes, folks, it looks like everyone's favourite mascot provider is having a well earned holiday! But fear not, because there's still...

Lucky 7: 'The amazing KawaiiPunk CafePress shop!'

Demon: 'And the incredible KawaiiPunk Zazzle shop!'

Ed: 'And don't forget the kawaii-tastic KawaiiPunk blog!'

All of which are open for business as usual! Hooray!

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