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Welcome to KawaiiPunk

Whether you're sweet or sleepy, cute or creepy, KawaiiPunk has a mascot for you - Lucky 7, Sweet, Demon, Robot, Mischief, Muscle, Freak and the rest - they're all right here. At kawaiipunk.com you can find out about all your favourite kawaii mascots, download cool kawaii wallpapers, and find out where to shop for the best KawaiiPunk clothes, cards and gifts.

The KawaiiPunk CafePress Shop

The KawaiiPunk CafePress shop sells t-shirts, jerseys, kids clothing, hats, bags, buttons, badges, mugs, stationery, journals, postcards, note cards, greeting cards and camcorders with worldwide shipping available on all products.

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The KawaiiPunk Zazzle Shop

The KawaiiPunk Zazzle shop sells cards, buttons, keyrings, mugs, mousepads, skateboards and t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts! Just pick your favourite design, choose a shirt and your set to go! Girls, guys, kids and toddlers - it really does have something for everyone!

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The KawaiiPunk Blog

Yes, it's here at last - the KawaiiPunk Mascots have finally got their own blog, but they still need your help!

KawaiiPunk Mascots

They're on the look out for the best kawaii designs and coolest shops the net has to offer. If you you think you can help, then get in touch. See contact for details.

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KawaiiPunk is currently off air!

Huh? What's this? KawaiiPunk is currently off air! Ahhh... I guess that means there is no new mascot this month!

Yes, folks, it looks like everyone's favourite mascot provider is having a well earned holiday! But fear not, because there's still...

Lucky 7: 'The amazing KawaiiPunk CafePress shop!'

Demon: 'And the incredible KawaiiPunk Zazzle shop!'

Ed: 'And don't forget the kawaii-tastic KawaiiPunk blog!'

All of which are open for business as usual! Hooray!

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